We cast text and graphic plaques in a large number of styles, and work with artists,  patternmakers, and rapid prototypers for custom projects as illustrated below.

Artist  Maggie McLaughlin brought us her original bas relief work to use as patterns to produce these bronze castings .

We cast many different images, logos, and bas relief details - as either one-offs or limited production runs.

We can make text plaques  from our in-house inventory of letters and numbers - we stock many different sizes and typefaces.

This photo shows a rubber pattern produced from a digital file we sent to a subcontractor for rapid prototyping. Please contact us for digital file specifications for projects like this one.

We work with multiple laser engravers, abrasive finishing, polishing , anodizing , and powdercoating subcontractors .

Contact us with your specific requirements.

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This memorial plaque, dedicated to a local fisherman and business owner, was cast in bronze from a bas relief pattern made by Phyllis Borges, former owner of the Mystic River Foundry.
We made this plaque for the Fort Trumbull, CT restoration, from a rubber pattern produced from a digital file developed from a logo we got from DEP stationary.