The MYSTIC RIVER FOUNDRY manufactures a wide variety of bronze and aluminum castings for furniture and interior design applications. No concept is too strange or challenging to discuss, so call us with your unusual projects - we specialize in the impossible.

Here's a brief look at a few interesting projects from 2004 to February 2005 .

David Nigrelli standing next to the separated massive molds for two prototype chair castings.
Here are the two patterns, set in sand with their parting lines established.
Finished castings after rough grinding.
Wood and urethane pattern for a bronze outdoor light.

This all bronze mantlepiece, designed, cast, finished, and assembled by Sharon Hertzler, owner of the MYSTIC RIVER FOUNDRY, was in the Children's Museum of Southeast CT 2004 Show House in New London, CT.

Nine woodgrained bronze panels and the mantlepiece were produced from sandblasted wood patterns. The mantle support branches were cast from tree limbs. The decorative leaves covering attachment fastener sites were cast from patterns made by dipping sedum leaves in epoxy to increase their thickness.

Rough-polished bronze sconces.

Examples of small decorative castings for furniture and interior use. 

We can provide rough castings, or fully machined and polished castings.

New bronze doorknobs for the Pennsylvania State House.
Bronze escutcheon plates for a door hardware manufacturer.


We specialize in making castings using natural materials as patterns.

Materials we have used include branches, vines, bones, vegetables, anatomical casts of animals, fish,  and worms.

Intertwined grapevines in sand above, cast in aluminum, shown on right before the risers were cut off.

This is an example - before finishing - of the level of detail we can capture using natural materials for patterns . We cast this chair-back for a custom furniture designer. It is shown here just pulled from the sand and not yet cleaned-up . It was made from branches and twigs lashed together with string.

Call us to discuss your ideas and specialized requirements.

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The MYSTIC RIVER FOUNDRY cast dozens of reproduction lighting fixtures for the Heublein Tower restoration in 2003. Original fixtures were used as patterns, and reproduced. The foundry provided finishing, machining, assembly, painting and internal wiring of all of the fixtures .