The Mystic River Foundry specializes in repair and restoration work on cast iron fences, but we typically reproduce the original components in aluminum. We work with local ironworkers, fence restoration specialists, finishers, and powdercoaters to produce high quality  reproduction components.

We cast hundreds of replacement aluminum pickets, using a dedicated board-pattern, for this large fence around the Palmer House in Stonington CT, finished and painted them, and then worked on their installation.
This fence was particularly complex because of the grade it was installed on. Shown here is a tapered section where each picket was a different size. We 'loose-molded' these parts using one of our newly cast pickets , cut into multiple pieces, so that we could 'stretch' it as a pattern to produce castings that gradually increased in size .
Here is another example of a restored fence in Stonington CT. One side is the original cast iron, the other our aluminum reproduction. Can you tell which is the original?

Foundry owner Sharon Hertzler shown next to the new powdercoated iron fence  - close to a mile long - that surrounds the Central Park reservoir in New York City.

The Mystic River Foundry did pattern and mold development work  in aluminum with local patternmaker Jim Case  for this complex project, where each of the lugs shown was integrally cast around three steel rods .

This project was ultimately produced in cast iron.

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