We are very experienced in producing one-off castings like these, and can help you in determining which methods and materials are best to produce a workable pattern for your art project.

Please contact us for our recommendations before you start your project, so that you make a pattern that will produce the best possible, most cost effective results.

The Art Deco style head on the left was cast in 356 aluminum from a wood and plaster pattern provided by artist Lee Duran.

The bronze scarab on the right was cast in Everdur bronze from a fiberglass pattern produced by artist Gar Waterman.

We have also produced castings from patterns made from foam, wood, clay, plaster, fiberglass, silicone, urethane, and metal.

These plaster acorn patterns were used to produce bronze castings . We specialize in working with one-piece patterns with heavy textures or reverse draft surfaces.
The drag's exterior shape will be developed from the offsets provided by the clay strips applied to the sand - this method allows us to control the casting's wall thickness without using conventional cores made from an expensive dedicated pattern.





















Life-size penguins were cast in bronze from these patterns made by artist Michael McLaughlin.


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