The MYSTIC RIVER FOUNDRY has made a wide range of architectural details for both new construction and projects under restoration or renovation .


The board pattern for the new finials is shown on the left.

New finials, cast in aluminum and then epoxy powdercoated, are shown above. Note the heavily deteriorated original wooden finial at the front right.

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Bronze and aluminum castings are strong and lightweight alternatives to cast iron architectural details .

March 2005

These large pediments were cast in aluminum using a custom made board pattern  to replace the deteriorated cast iron originals as part of the comprehensive restoration of The Crocker House in New London, CT.






Three large aluminum castings were welded together to reproduce the heavily corroded cast iron frieze panels for a building under renovation .  One of the machine shops we used straightened the panels after welding, then we ground and finished the weld regions to match the cast texture of the frieze panels.


The original wood and copper-clad architectural details on this house under restoration were badly deteriorated.

We visited the jobsite, met with the project architects, inspected and photographed the details , and then provided a quote for restoration parts that included new patterns, finish machining, and powdercoating.






These hand-beaten galvanized tin facade details were heavily corroded. We reconditioned them enough to use for patterns, and reproduced them in high-strength aluminum without the expense of special patterns.



We stock number and letter patterns in a variety of styles and sizes. We frequently work with artists and designers to produce special  numbers and logos.



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